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Loose Balloons

All of our loose balloons come filled with helium and tied on a ribbon.


11" Balloons

Plain        $ 1.75  each

Pearlized $ 2.00  each

Chrome   $ 2.75  each


16" Balloons

Plain         $ 4.75  each


36" Balloons

Plain          $ 35 each

Plain Foil Balloons

Our Plain Foil Balloons come in three shapes:  Star, Round, and Heart. They all come filled with helium and on a ribbon. You can pick from two sizes.


20" plain foil balloon    $ 5    each

36" plain foil balloon   $ 30 each

Balloon Price Guide


We have priced out our most common requests for your convenience. If you don't see what you are looking for here, please give us a call so we can help you find the perfect balloon arrangement for your event.


(Please Note: Prices may fluctuate due to the cost of helium.)

Balloon Columns

Our Balloon Columns all come dressed with a topper.


6'   Balloon Column  $ 75

8'   Balloon Column  $ 100

10' Balloon Column  $ 125

12' Balloon Column  $ 150

Framed Balloon Arches

We sell our framed-arches by the size of the arch, rather than balloon count. Our 20' Arch is 7' across by 8' high.


20' Arch  $ 250

25' Arch  $ 300

30' Arch  $ 350


Pearl Arch (String of Pearls)

$ 10 / foot


Quick Link Arch

$ 10 / foot



Table Centerpieces

We sell our table centerpieces according to the number of balloons making up the bunch or bouquet. They all come filled with helium, on ribbons, and weighted for table display.


3-balloon centerpieces $ 7.99    each

4-balloon centerpieces $ 9.99    each

5-balloon centerpieces  $ 11.99 each

7-balloon centerpieces $ 16.99 each


Balloon Trees

We sell our Balloon Trees according to the number of plain balloons making up the tree. They all come filled with helium, on ribbons, and weighted to be displayed from the floor.


7-balloon trees      $ 16.99    each

9-balloon trees      $ 20.99    each

11-balloon trees   $ 24.99    each

15-balloon trees   $ 34.99    each

Custom Wording with


When you want to say something clearly - you can't go wrong with Mega-Loons. Our Mega-Loon creations come in two different sizes to choose from according to your needs.


40" Mega-Loons  $ 17 / letter

These classic sized Mega-Loons are filled with helium.


14" Mega-Loon Juniors  $ 6.99 / letter

These junior sized Mega-Loons are filled with air.

Weights (Decorative Foil)

We have loose weights available. These are the same weights we use to anchor our displays to tables or the floor.


Loose Weights     $ 2.50  each


Special Occasion Bouquets

These bouquets are perfect to hand to someone on their special day or in their special time of need. They come filled with helium and on ribbons, ready to give to your special someone.


Little Bouquet  $ 49.99

There is nothing small about our Little Bouquet! Made up of 8 latex & 3 mylar balloons, our Little Bouquet pushes past a typical 10-count and takes the total balloon count to eleven - for when you need that little extra.  The Little Bouquet shouts "Congratulations", "Thank You", or "Get Well Soon!" with the best of them.


Big Bouquet  $ 69.99

Created with 12 latex and 4 mylar balloons, this bouquet will help you make a big impact. With 16 total balloons, this big bouquet is a bounty to behold! Designed to help you get your idea across in a big way, you can't go wrong with our Big Bouquet.


Beaucoup Bouquet   $ 89.99

When a Big Bouquet just wont' do - the only way to go is up to Beaucoup. This is our largest special occasion bouquet.  Consisting of 15 latex balloons, 2 personalized mylar balloons (age, name) and 2 additional themed mylar balloons, this bouquet is beaucoup in every way.

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